Guidelines for Choosing the Best Can Opener in 2017

Guidelines in Choosing an Electric Can Opener in 2017

Having the best tools in your kitchen gives you the chance to prepare everything without any hesitations. To save time especially if you are in a hurry for an appointment, you’ll need kitchen appliances and tools that are of good quality. One of the kitchen supplies that is considered to be a staple tool is a can opener. Looking for the best can openers is not that hard to find as long as you know the differences in choosing.

There are indeed three categories of a commercial can opener. All of these displays an important value in preparing meals especially in opening a can. Before you are going to commit to purchasing a new can opener, it would be best for you to distinguish first the differences. Here are the following main categories of can openers.

Manual can openers

These are great to use on a daily basis if you don’t have a lot of cans to open. Since this is manual, it requires for you to use the wheel for it to spin with the use of a sharp blade so as to remove the top of the can. There are also two kinds of the manual can openers such as the ones with a heavy duty and sturdy can openers. It can open up to 4 to 6 cans per minute and a maximum of 50 cans per day. On the other hand, the light duty, a smaller version can open up to a minimum of 3 cans per minute up to a maximum of 25 cans per day.

    Electric can openers

Even though it is in an electric usage, it is as well not as easy in using it. You should be extra careful in handling electric appliances. The best electric can openers are supported with a push button that attaches a magnet. The magnet pulls the can, positions it and spins the can as it opens the top. One advantage of using this kind of unit is that you can have a variation of can sizes to open it. Another advantage regarding using it in the health facilities and even at retirement communities. The best electric can openers can be used up to 50 per day with a maximum of 7 minutes. When it comes to heavy duty, it can go on up to 200 cans, and it takes about 8 minutes.

The crown punch can opener

This is a type of can opener is very ideal for using it for heavy duty volume use. This is considered as well as one of the best can openers. The blades are inserted in a manner that opens a can easily. This can go about 200 cans at a maximum of 6 minutes.